• ...of modpacks in generalApril 2017GreatOrator

    So for those not aware, I have several modpacks I have worked on and are available. Most notably of course TolkienCraft 2 & 3, but also I have FallCraft, a fall-out themed pack that also will have a custom map and Craftilizations, a modpack geared towards PvP and server play. One thing you will notice is that I try to come up with different ways of having players interact with a pack, some bordering on adventure map style. Hope you guys are having fun, and as always, Happy Mining!

    Update v0.9.2April 2017GreatOrator

    Many pack updates have come out since my last post. here is a current status of things :D So far the map is coming along nicely and I have gotten many of the locations mapped out for the quests I have an outline for so far as well as several NP'c in place to begin the quest implementation. I do want to say that while I do intend to get an alpha of the map out to everyone so they can hopefully test it and report back with issues, I will simply say Soon(tm) as I do not want to rush something as key as this map.

    Progress on TolkienCraft IIIMarch 2017GreatOrator

    Today I am happy to announce that the new map for TolkienCraft III is complete! Well, the physical map work anyways, still many quests to put in but player housing areas are complete as is the start of the Better Questing book! Hopefully I can get an alpha release for all of you to begin play-testing!

    Final TolkienCraft II UpdateAugust 2016GreatOrator

    Announcing the final update for TolkienCraft II is upon us! v2.95 marks the culmination of nearly 3 years of work on the pack and man has it been a wild ride! Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and enjoyed the pack as that was the motivation for the upcoming sequel!